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Lundi 01 AVRIL 2024 - Horaire : 20:00 22:00 (
[ S&SR Selection de la semaine... ULTRA SUNN "US" (Artoffact Records)

++ MUSIC NON-STOP : MIX part.1 by Walter MIX part.2 by Der Gregolini ]

  1. ULTRA SUNN "You & Me" DIG LP: US (Artoffact Records)
  2. UNHUMAN + PETRA FLURR "Rush" DIG LP: Mala Vida (Bite)
  3. UNITCODE:MACHINE "A Violent End (genCAB Remix)" DIG SGL: A Violent End (COP International)
  4. CHAINREACTOR "Destroyer Of The Worlds" DIG EP: Destroyer Of The Worlds (Pro-Noize/Scanner)
  5. KOJOOHAR & FRANK URSUS "Never Compromise" DIG EP: Frost Drought (Ant-Zen)
  6. BEATBOX MACHINERY "Tele-Synthesized" DIG LP: Speed Riders - Spaceships & Synthesizers (Werkstatt Recordings)
  7. PreEMPTIVE STRIKE 01 "Ressurective Hunger (THE PSYCHIC FORCE Remix)" DIG SGL: Ressurective Hunger (Infacted Recordings)
  8. ULTRA SUNN "Lost And Found" DIG LP: US (Artoffact Records)
  9. DIE SELEKTION "Der Rote Faden" DIG LP: Zeuge Aus Licht (Der Katalog)
  10. AD/KEY "Two Souls (Schubys Femme Fatale Remix)" DIG EP: Two Souls (Alfa Matrix)
  11. SINE "From Beyond" DIG LP: Luxuria (Emergency Hearts)
  12. CULTIVATED BIMBO "Ten Seconds To Crazy (2023 Remake)" DIG EP: In Progress (Microlab Studio)
  13. PUNSHUKUNSHU "Mad Turbulence" DIG LP: Optical Illusion (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
  14. ACCESSORY "Jupiter" CDM: Jupiter (Infacted Recordings)
  15. CONTAINER 90 "New World Disorder" DIG LP: Grand PrixXx (Sham Recordings)
  16. ACCESSORY "Dark Dance Of Life" DIG SGL: Dark Dance Of Life (Infacted Recordings)
  17. THE FORCE DIMENSION "Hidden Ambush (Red Version)" DIG V/A: Control I’m Here: Adventures... 1983-1990 (Cherry Red Records)
  18. ATTRITION "The Switch" DIG LP: The Black Maria (Two Gods)
  19. LENE LOVICH "New Toy" BOX 4CD: Toy Box - The Stiff Years 1978-1983 (Cherry Red Records)
  20. GWENDOLINE "CLUBS (Main)" DIG LP: C'est À Moi Ça (Born Bad Records)
  21. KIM WILDE "Chequered Love" BOX 4CD: Love Blonde - The RAK Years 1981-1983 (Cherry Red Records)
  22. LAIBACH "Panorama" BOX 3CD: Nova Akropola - Expanded Edition (Cherry Red Records)
  23. TIM BLAKE "A Magick Circle" BOX 3CD: Crystal Presence - The Albums 1977 - 1991 (Cherry Red Records)
  24. VOX LOW "Die On Monday" DIG LP: Keep On Falling (Born Bad Records)
  25. TH/S /S SHI/T "Y.3 feat. FAUBOURG (radio edit)" DIG SGL: Y (Upton Park)
  26. MILDREDA "A Dog From Hell" DIG LP: Blue Devilled (Dependent)
  27. ALPHA SECT "Rêve Eveillé (RAW AMBASSADOR Remix)" DIG EP: Fragmented Reality (Soil Records)
  28. UTO "Art & Life" DIG SGL: Art & Life (InFiné)
  29. HISSARLIK "Underdog" DIG EP: Failures (Digital Dependency Records)
  30. GLAS "Two Hearts" DIG LP: Kisses Like Feathers (HFN Music)

16. INTRUSIVE PINKY "Past Midnight" DIG EP: I Hate You Patriarch Fuck! (Les Disques De La Pantoufle / COP International)

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