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Playlist N° 1293 - GALAXIE RADIO 95.3FM / DAB+

Lundi 04 Septembre 2023 - Horaire : 20:00 - 22:00 (

[ S&SR Selection de la semaine... CELLULOIDE "Naive Heart ((20th Anniversary Edition) - ESP Version 2022" (BOREDOMproduct) ++ PROMO "Disorder Festival" ... ]

  1. CELLULOIDE "Pretty Girl (E​.​S​.​P. Version)" CD: Naive Heart - ESP Version (BOREDOMproduct)
  2. POLTERGEIST "23,23" DIG LP: Kämpfer (Clivage Music)
  3. D.I.N. "I Need" DIG LP: Up (DKA Records)
  4. ENZO KREFT "On The Run Looking For Shelter" DIG LP: Shelter (Enzo Kreft Music)
  5. THX 1971 "Minimale Distanz" VINYL LP: Minimal Ist Meine Wahl (Block 4)
  6. THE OVERLOOKERS "Red Lights" CD: Videodrama (BOREDOMproduct)
  7. LA MACHINE "Vamos A La Playa (Radiomix) MCD: Vamos A La Playa (BOREDOMproduct)
  8. RIGHERIA "Electro Felicity" CD: Mondoviosione (S.A.I.F.A.M.)
  9. SIGNAL AOUT 42 "Memories" DIG LP: Ex Voto (Out Of Line Music)
  10. SHINY DARKNESS "Pearls (Geoff Pinckney Remix)" DIG EP: Pearls (Autoproduction)
  11. ES23 "Brother Wind" DIG LP Dancing With Clouds (Intacted Recordings)
  12. CELLULOIDE "Missing Words (E​.​S​.​P. Version)" CD: Naive Heart - ESP Version (BOREDOMproduct)
  13. THEN COMES SILENCE "Cold From The Inside" DIG LP: Hunger (Nexilis / Metropolis)
  14. AUX ANIMAUX "Lost Souls" DIG SGL: Lost Souls (Autoproduction)
  15. VENIN CARMIN "Waterlilies" DIG LP: Constant Depression (Seja Records)
  16. HAMMERSHOI "Allégorie" DIG LP: Hammersh​ø​i (Swiss Dark Nights)
  17. SHE PAST AWAY "Ritüel" DIG LP: Part Time Punks Session (Fabrika Records)
  18. BENOIT TRANCHAND "La Br​è​che" DIG LP: Intestin Club (Autoproduction)
  19. WINTER FAMILY "Archaic Landscape" DIG LP: South From Here (Ici D'Ailleurs / Alt.Vinyl)

20. WHISPERING SONS "Tilt (Video edit)" DIG SGL: Tilt ([PIAS] Recordings)

PROMO THANKS TO / REMERCIEMENTS : BOREDOMproduct (Member U 0176), CITIZEN RECORDS / CLIVAGE MUSIC (Elise Nicolas & Tiphaine Cassin), ENZO KREFT (Enzo Kreft), BLOCK 4 (Malte Steiner), OUT OF LINE MUSIC (Iris), SIGNAL AOUT 42 (Jacky Meurisse), SHINY DARKNESS (Sébastien Déruwez), THE BLACK LAB (Billy), (LA BULLE CAFÉ & Sebastien Tarridec), VINYL EVENTS (Pascal Marre) ...
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