KULTUR WAVE (Radio broadcast)
Lundi 16 Juin 2019 - Horaire : 23:00 >> 00:00

GALAXIE RADIO 95.3 FM / DAB+ (www.galaxieradio.fr)

[ Kultur Wave Mix ] ...by EBMnator (S&SR)

  1. JOY DIVISION "Decades" CD: Closer (Factory)
  2. CLUB AMOUR "Pain And Pleasure" CD V/A: Hymns Of Sex (Machineries Of Joy)
  3. D.A.F. "Sex Unter Wasser" CD: Gold Und Liebe (Virgin)
  4. BLACK NEEDLE NOISE with Dr STRANGEFRYER "Neon Noir" DIG LP : Lost In Reflections (Autoproduction)
  5. MANUFACTURE "As The Ends Draws Near" CD: Terrovision (Nettwerk)
  6. BOY HARSHER "Tears" VINYL CD: Careful (Nude Club Records)
  7. THE WEATHERMEN "Poison..." VINYL EP: Poison! (Play It Again Sam Records)
  8. GENEVIEVE PASQUIER "I Wanna" CD: Louche Effect (Ant-Zen)
  9. CAROL & SNOWY RED "Breakdown" VINYL EP: Breakdown (Antler Records)
  10. TOBIAS BERNSTRUP "Everything Is Wrong" CD: Technophobic (Nadanna)
  11. RONT 242 "With Your Cries" CD: Geography (Red Rhino Europe)
  12. MASCHINE BRENNT "60 Seconds" DIG V/A: We Are Machine Pop 4 (Plonk)

13. SIGNAL AOUT 42 "Waterdome (Brilliant Mix)" VINYL EP: Waterdome (Music Man Records)

REMERCIEMENTS PROMO : MACHINERIES OF JOY (Sven Lauwers), BLACK NEEDLE NOISE (John Fryer), CITY SLANG (Aymeric Join-Dieterle), ANT-ZEN (Christian P,) ...